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Letters to Jessica

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Letters to Jessica

A Child's Guide to Freedom of Mind and Spirit

by Robert Bissett

Letter Eight
Think For Yourself

My Dearest Nieces,

Have you heard of Thomas Jefferson? About two hundred years ago he said: "I have sworn upon the Altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man." What he meant was that he thought it was a very bad thing for anyone's thoughts to be under the control of another. I feel the same way as Jefferson.

You girls have been thinking your own thoughts since you were born. With the birth of each boy or girl, a new beginning for the world arises. Grownups know this very well. They want to keep all thoughts out of your minds about new beginnings for the world. They want to keep their comfortable world going forever, even though many, many men and women and boys and girls are hurt or killed in that terrible world. To keep that terrible world going, they must have new players for Wizards of America. Every boy and girl must play. Every boy and girl must have his mind controlled to stop new worlds from replacing this bad one.

Control of my mind was taken from me in first grade. It took me thirty years before I realized what my teachers had done to me. Now I can think my own thoughts again. Now I can see a new beginning for the world. I learned about this new beginning in the Bible. It is called the Kingdom of God. It can be called the New Covenant theocracy, too.

The newest part of the Bible is called the New Testament. Testament is just another word for covenant. A covenant is an agreement. Theocracy means God's rule. If we agree with God that he should rule us rather than men, then we have entered God's New Covenant or the Kingdom of God. To do that, we must first leave the covenant we made with men. That covenant is called the Constitution. The Constitution is an agreement that men should rule us.

Here in Idaho, a few friends and I have been living under this new agreement with God for three years. It gives us a much better world than the one our teachers made us live in. All over America other people are doing this, too.

Find my friends and me on the spectrum:

  Man's Rule   
                                                                                God's Rule   
(New Covenant)

I don't know if you will want to make an agreement with God or an agreement with men. I will not trick you into an agreement with God, like others will try to trick you into an agreement with men. You will not be put into jail if you don't want to live under the New Covenant. But I must tell you that you may go to jail if you reject the Constitution and agree to let God rule you.

I want you to keep control of your own mind and to think your own thoughts. You must be allowed to choose your own world. Your teachers want to make that choice for you by telling you what to think and which agreement to make, just like they did for me.

When they teach you about history, they teach you what to think about the world. Children trust grownups and especially teachers. Children think about the whole world in the way they were taught. Without even knowing it, children lose control of their own minds and thoughts. The thoughts they are taught just go 'round and 'round in their heads. They never have a chance to think about new beginnings for the world.

I hope these letters will help you think your own thoughts and stop grownups from controlling your mind. I hope you will think of new beginnings for the world, because the world can be a much nicer place to live than what grownups have made it. Grownups can now kill nearly everyone in the world in less than an hour. They may decide to do it. I hope you will find a new world to live in without make-believe, without wizards and nations and states. If enough of us stop making believe, we can make a difference. It will not be easy. I hope you will decide to live free under God's government alone.

See if you can find the position of most adults on the spectrum of government:

  Man's Rule   
(Mind Control)
                                                                                God's Rule   
(Free Minds)

Be sure to write!

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