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Letters to Jessica

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Letters to Jessica

A Child's Guide to Freedom of Mind and Spirit

by Robert Bissett

Letter Seven
Democracy is a Game

Dear Jessica,

In past letters, I have told you about the great invisible wizards, the State of Alaska, the State of Idaho and the United States of America. I have told you about the lesser wizards which are really common men and humbugs, like kings, congressmen, presidents, judges and policemen. Now I want to tell you about another great invisible wizard called Demos.

Soon, your teachers will be telling you about democracy. When grownups vote on election day, they are choosing who will take the next turn at being a wizard. Every grownup is allowed one vote, which he can give to the humbug he likes best. Whichever humbug gets the most votes becomes the new wizard. This is called democracy. Democracy is an exciting part of the game grownups play called Wizards of America.

Democracy is a game itself. It was invented by the Greek people a long, long time ago. Democracy means rule by the people. The Greeks did not think that God was King on earth and in heaven like Laura and I. They pretended that the people ruled on earth and a god named Zeus ruled in heaven. The Greek word for people is demo. The Greek word for rule is kratia. Put the two together and you have a fancy, high-sounding word, demo-kratia or democracy, which simply means the people have rejected God as king and are attempting to rule themselves. After a time, the people become The People in hearts and minds. Their god is Demos, whose will is law. 

When grownups make-believe about the State of Alaska and the United States of America, they also pretend that they are ruled by Demos. Remember, God wants to rule men through their hearts and minds. But when men are ruled by Demos, God cannot rule them. God never forces men to let Him rule them. He didn't force the Israelites and He won't force us. If people want to be ruled by humbugs, God will help them believe wizards are very real. That is what is happening today in our country.

Another great wizard you will hear about is the Constitution. The Constitution is an agreement, or covenant, between all the people and each individual. This is the paper that has all the rules about the game of Wizards of America. Whenever grownups have a question about how to play the game, they go back and check the rules. The Constitution is old, but nowhere near as old as the Bible. The Constitution has rules meant to stop wizards from doing as much as they would like to do. But they just break the rules until a bigger wizard tells them to stop, if he ever does. The Bible has rules which forbid wizards altogether. Jesus tells us that the kings of the nations rule over them. "But it shall not be so among you." (Matt. 20:25)

Many people think the Constitution of the United States is one of the greatest papers ever written. Some even think it was ordained by God. This is not really true. The Constitution establishes man's rule by rejecting God's rule, just like all other human governments. Find the Constitution on the spectrum:

  Man's Rule   
(Great Papers)
                                                                                God's Rule   

But the Constitution has some great ideas. One of these is that wizards must not control the minds of other people. The name of that rule is the absolute freedom of thought. It is part of the First Amendment of the Constitution. In Wizards of America, one of the very biggest invisible wizards, called the Supreme Court, has said that freedom of thought is complete, total. That means that no humbug is allowed to control your mind. Of course, the Supreme Court is just common men, but they are right in this case.

This is very important because if humbugs were allowed to control your mind, and what you think, then they would have control of what you do. You would be a slave. They could even make you think being a slave was really being free. This is exactly what teachers are doing to all first graders when they make them pledge allegiance to the Wizards of America. They are controlling first graders' minds. They have been hired to make all children think they must make-believe in the State of Alaska and the United States and obey humbugs. This is what happens when men don't want God for their king - they lose their freedom of thought.

There are two ways to get all the good things you need to be happy. You can work hard and earn them, or you can take them away from someone. Taking things away from someone who worked hard for them is called stealing. Stealing is bad. If you love other people as you love yourself, you do not steal. Wizards have found out that it is much easier to steal from other grownups than to work hard for the things they need.

 One of the main reasons humbugs hire teachers and force children to go to school is so children can be taught that humbugs are wizards. They teach children that it is all right for wizards to steal. Then when children grow up, they won't even think it is stealing when humbugs take things that they worked hard to obtain.

This is mind control. It is a very bad thing and against the rules of the Constitution. But children are never told that this is not supposed to be done to them. Children trust teachers and think they have to let them control their minds, or they will get in trouble. By the time children grow up and find out about the rule, it is too late. Their minds are already under control. But I'm telling you now, so you can take charge of your own mind. When you see stealing, you'll know what it is.

Your mind is not under control yet, although your teachers are trying. Now you know about the rule against mind control. I wish someone had told me about it when I was in first grade. But all the grownups I knew could not tell me because their minds were already controlled. They could think only what they had been taught to think in school, or the thoughts they got from the T. V. or radio. Humbugs are afraid of people who have minds that are not controlled. If people have free minds, they soon see that wizards are really humbugs. Find wizards on the spectrum of government:

  Man's Rule   
                                                                                God's Rule   

That's all for now.

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