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Letters to Jessica

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Letters to Jessica

A Child's Guide to Freedom of Mind and Spirit

by Robert Bissett

Letter Five
Wizards Not Needed

Dear Jessica,

When I was going to school my teachers taught me how the United States of America came about. They taught me that without this wizard we would have very bad trouble, many people would be hurt or killed. Your teachers will be telling you the same thing in coming years. But it is not true. Don't believe it.

About the time people told King George he was a humbug, grownups stopped believing in all the other wizards, too. These men had been told that terrible things would happen if they  let go of their humbugs. But for over a year there were no congressmen, no governors, no policemen, and no judges. And everything worked out fine. Nobody ever teaches this history to children. If people knew they could get along without wizards, a lot of humbugs would be out of a job.

So that no one would ever forget the truth about what happens when all man-made government is gone, these men wrote a letter on January 23, 1776, called A Proclamation of the Colony of the Massachusetts Bay. They declared, "And mankind has seen a phenomenon, without example in the political world, a large and populous colony, subsisting in great decency and order, for more than a year, under such suspension of government."

Government is the word grownups use when they mean all the wizards they believe in, both great and small, visible and invisible. Thomas Paine was alive then and he wrote about the abolishment of government, too. He was not afraid to live without government. He knew that government and all its wizards are humbugs.

David Ramsey was alive then, too. He saw that people got along just fine without human government. In his book, Prelude to the American Revolution, 1765-1775, he said:

Some hundred thousands of people were in a state of nature, without legislation, magistrates, or executive officers. There was, nevertheless, a surprising degree of order. Men of the purest morals were among the most active opposers of Great Britain. While municipal laws ceased to operate, the laws of reason, morality, and religion, bound the people to each other as a social band, and preserved as great a degree of decorum, as had at any time prevailed.

 Ramsey said that there is a real government which can only be seen when make-believe governments are gone. That is the government that each of us has in his heart and mind. The same government that Laura Wilder knew about. It is called the Kingdom of Heaven or Kingdom of God in the Bible. Wizards do not like the Kingdom of God because it helps people stop believing in humbug rulers. It helps people stop playing Wizards of America.

In Russia, the wizards are very mean to people who stop playing make-believe and live in the real world of God's kingdom. In the 18th and 19th century there lived a people called Doukhabors  (Spirit Wrestlers). The Doukhabors rejected all pretended authority, especially human governments. They believed that no man rightly ruled another, including the czar, the king, the pope, the priest, the president, or any other wizard. They recognized God alone as ruler on the earth.

The Doukhabors would not allow themselves to be drafted into the Russian army because they regarded any kind of killing, or training to kill, as a violation of God's law. This made the Emperor very angry. As an example to others, the Doukhobors were forcibly ejected from the lands they had labored so hard and long to make productive. Many died from starvation and other hardships. 

The Russians shouted at the Doukhobors for not recognizing the Emperor. "You are flouting authority! You are creating an insurrection!" But it was the Russians who were flouting authority, God's authority. It was the Russians who rose up against God's government and laws and dreamed up their own.

Today when Russian statists persecute Christians for not submitting to the godless state, American statists call it a violation of human rights. But when American statists do the same thing to Christians here, they call it law enforcement. Some of us have been put in jail many times for trying to live in the Kingdom of God, and for telling the truth about wizards. 

Say hello to your Dad and Mom, and Grandma Mary and Grandpa George. Bye for now!

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