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Letters to Jessica

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Letters to Jessica

A Child's Guide to Freedom of Mind and Spirit

by Robert Bissett

Introduction: To Parents

Dear Ron and Deb,

I've enclosed a series of letters addressed to Jessica, but they are for all three girls. Here's how I came to write them.

As you know, I've been trying to live in the world of reality by claiming full freedom of mind for several years. Not the sort of freedom we thought we had after twelve years of government programming and statist indoctrination. I mean the real thing, without the coerced belief in democratic statism. Our generation has never enjoyed freedom of mind and spirit. At first this may seem to be improbable, but it is the simple truth.

Try not believing in the invisible, immortal state. It's not optional. If someone's programming is complete, they cannot even see that they have a choice. They are content to live in the fantasy world that has developed over the years.

Then it occurred to me that there is a large group which has not been fully indoctrinated! Maybe they could be alerted to what's in store for them. Maybe they could be made resistant to the powerful mind-control techniques to which they will be subjected. That group is, of course, the children. Jessica is in first grade but will not have any real concept of statism, majority rule and all the rest for many years. Possibly she and the other two girls can be encouraged to prefer reality to fantasy.

Many say that America is the best country in the world and that Americans are the freest people. After nine years in Ireland, our friend Ed says it ain't so! Anyway, we aren't far behind the slave states. Statism, whether democratic or communistic, with its doctrine of state sovereignty, means total power by definition. It is power over bodies by first taking power over minds.

At this very moment we are passing, by slow degrees, through a series of "natural, beneficial, and only slightly extra-legal" changes which will transform social life in ways that few alive today would consciously wish to inflict upon future generations. We ourselves live under a burden of regulations and restrictions unthinkable for a free people only a few generations ago.

Statism has led to the assertion of governmental authority over areas of life once considered to be off limits. In minds programmed with officially approved ideas, the American state has become more than a government. It is now a verbal monster which has taken up residence in the inner world of all adults. It is all-powerful, invisible, immortal, infinitely wise, and omnipresent. It is god-like. Its high priests and prophets are congressmen, governors and judges, each acting in its august name. "Woe to him who does not believe in the state! Woe to him who does not bow down!" the preachers tell us. If the American brand of democratic statism is so wonderful, why is brute force and universal mind-control necessary to maintain it?

Because the state is entirely a fabrication of human imagination, its general acceptance is endangered by unbelievers. Statism is continually threatened by the new children being born. With each new birth, a new beginning comes into the world. New worlds have the potential to weaken loyalty to the present world system of absurd beliefs. These new worlds are systematically crushed out of existence in the classrooms of America. Every child is naturally an unbeliever in the state and its sovereignty. But unbelief cannot be permitted. Every year millions of gentle minds and free spirits are sacrificed on the altar of statism and democracy. They are placed in lifelong chains, largely by means of compulsory public education.

Hope for the freedom of man is identical with the fact that children are being born daily. Each newborn is a new beginning. Each begins the world anew, free of history, free of tradition, free of institutions. With such freedom, what thoughts are possible? Could new worlds be more violent or more inhumane than the present one? After four thousand years, we know the ultimate expression of statist thinking, the very real threat of mutually assured destruction. We know that democracy has made little real difference. Can there be a greater risk in cultivating new worlds in young minds, allowing them to mature and bear fruit? Isn't the opposite of statism mutually assured affection? That should be our goal.

Each new man and woman is born outside of human governments, law systems and religious institutions. Such free minds and spirits are the greatest danger to statism's ruling elite both in Russia and America. Terrorists and military build-ups are nothing by comparison. They serve to increase the iron grip of each country's power brokers. All over the world, children are brought under the mental yoke at the earliest opportunity in order to perpetuate the present barbaric system. I believe that free and rational minds will reject the system of nation-states as an insane delusion and superstitious nonsense, if given a chance. Every form of government has been tried. The failure of each is scrawled in blood across the pages of history. Either we learn from history or we are doomed to repeat it.

I believe that the Kingdom of God as found in the New Testament is the very opposite of statism. Under the original belief system of Christianity, all power is removed from the hands of human beings - no one is able to handle power without being corrupted. The delusion that one man can rightly and justly rule another is exploded. I'm not talking about the tepid Christianity taught by orthodox churches. While piously giving lip-service to a radically new world, they are totally committed to the present one.

 If children can be induced to believe the lies of statism, they can be taught the truth of God's reign on earth. If they can enter a constitutional convention to allow men to rule them, they can enter the New Covenant and let God rule them. At the very least they should be given a choice.

Few have had a more thorough indoctrination to statism than I. Twelve years in the public school system made a true believer out of me. Then four years in the Air Force Academy, followed by over five years as an officer and a pilot, with two quasi-voluntary tours in Viet Nam, flying helicopters and Caribous. It was the senseless horror of those two years that precipitated my journey out of the blackest of superstitions.

Deliberately induced delusions of statism had to be thrown off before returning to the naturally sound mind most of us are born with. It took many years to de-program myself. The job was done by experts and intended to last a lifetime. Only recently have I been able to understand just how good the Good News is! Hopefully Jessica, Halley and Rachael can live their lives with free minds and spirits beginning in childhood rather than middle age.

That's the idea behind these letters. The letters are meant for Jessica and the others as soon as they're able to read well enough, about the end of second grade.  I've tried to include enough information to give them a fighting chance. How different my life could have been with this knowledge!

The statists must turn first and last to brute force, while we have available reason and truth. The pen is mightier than the sword. There is reason for hope; minds can be freed!

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